Friday, February 11, 2022

You and me make One


The mentor asserts that only uncommon men end their porn addictions.

I believe the assertion.

God knows. The depth, the weight, the integration of the addiction into my biology, decade after decade so much so that one could truthfully say that I lived to porn and masturbate. God knows how many porn quitting programs I have tried unsuccessfully. God understands why, at times, the feeling of despairing sentiment that this enslavement to the addiction is permanently glued onto my soul.

Yet, if others have escaped…if others are escaping…if others with dependencies no less grave than  mine are shaking themselves free, I can!

I not only can, I am. The acting out that three years ago was normally two times a day is these days normally two times every three months.

The red scars and painful disfigurements on the organ have almost all been healed.

I would not and still cannot have achieved these landmarks of hope giving accomplishment without the ongoing support and brotherhood of other men enlisted with me on the same team going forward on this journey.

It is a journey into an unknown, finding a new being that was always that being meant to be by the Creator of beings.

But onto details.

The structure is organized. The 2022-year goals are established.

The milestones towards these goals are printed out. I will be able to view and assess my progress.

During each day, I work towards the achievement of these goals. The money earning and saving goal, the Spanish language speaking goal and the publication of the third book of poetry goal are these three main goals.

But no sir and no mam, your writer does not work at these first!

He work first at the morning routine, first at the exercise, first at the visualization and meditation, first at the evaluative thinking practice. He works first at the reading of books meant to aid porn addicts end what is this unhealthy coping behavior.

Do you know what then happens? The energy and the drive and the passion that spawns forth from within as a result of putting first things first also engenders the drive to accomplishment of the secondary and material goals.

Experience is all the confirmation needed.                 


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