Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Paws with Hope a Foundation of Care

All the dogs around here excited, barking...running around happy licking faces of fifteen or so humankind come to maybe find a mascot.
It's a fun day at Jay Dee's Paws with Hope rescue compound.

Visitors at Paws With Hope Meet and Greet
Dog lovers congregated, united in sentiment---it's cliché, I know, to say dogs are mans' best friend, but folks here sure seem to believe it.
These rescued dogs were maltreated or sick animals found homeless and in need of medical help.
So give credit to Jay Dee---she works like mad as an instrument of succor. She does more than bless animals like priests do on the feast day of Francis of Assisi, not to imply blessings don't help.

But Dee goes out on the streets and looks for malnourished and homeless dogs. She shelters and bathes them. She feeds them. She pays for veterinary aid. 

Rescued dogs at Paws With Hope Compound

''Unfortunately I cannot take in more until some get adopted and I catch up on vet bills,'' Jay says. ''But I'm over my limit as is! I was fine at six or seven but after number eight came in things have been hectic.''
She's talking about a dog in a voice emotive of pure joy. Other dogs pant and huff about the wood structured compound; the day's visitors pet play, laugh and talk in tones people use when delighted to talk to friendly animals.
Jay sits on a couch, puts a computer on the coffee table in front, and guests huddle about while she talks about her dogs and shows their pictures.

''This is Ginger,'' she says, ''Ginger was found in Sector Racar...she followed us home and decided she wasn't leaving. She smelt really bad, was skin and bone and had her teeth removed... and was later adopted by an ex pat.''
''This is Frenchie'', Jay says, continuing her presentation. ''Frenchie was found at Feria Libre. He was sick and needed medication for numerous parasites but now he is better and ready for his new home.''
Although adoption is the main reason for the event, it's not the only. ''We need volunteers!'' Jay exclaims. ''It's very hard finding good adopters. All of my dogs get very attached to me and don't want to leave. I would like a few people to come walk them and play with them.''

Food provided at the Meet and Greet

Jay is, as of November 23rd, taking care of fourteen dogs. ''When they're so many in one spot they fight,'' she says to the people here, ''so I'm trying to get a few adopted.''
The assembly of needed parts towards this end necessitates organizational skill. Rendered proclamations in Facebook. Dates, times and schedules established.

Bus that transported visitors to the event,
 owned by Martin Avila of EcuaChakana Journeys
Jay writes ''Paws with Hope is hosting a meet and greet for those who donated to our campaign, or those just interested in meeting our rescue pups....if you are interested in attending please send me an e mail so I can plan for how many people will attend.''

I say Jay Dee and ''Paws With Hope'' merit publicity, not only because of her passionate dedication, but also because I myself believe in the cliche that dogs are mans' best friend.

Paws With Hope is hosting two fundraising events at the dog rescue compound, one scheduled for Thursday, December 19th and the other for Saturday, January 4th, both from 4 to 8 pm.
Pick up and drop off to be provided by EcuaChakana Journeys, one from the Planetarium at Parque de la Madre and the other from Hotel Oro Verde on Ordonez Lazzo.
Live entertainment to be provided by Jerry Joe Holland, and there will be bingo.
The contribution is $35 per person, which includes transportation from either location, the live entertainment, food, non-alcoholic beverages and the first beer or wine for free.

Plan to attend? Paypal at [email protected]. Afterwards, please e mail Jay at [email protected] with your name, phone number, choice of pick up location and date attending.

Jay Dee

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