Thursday, January 30, 2014

What kind of blog post suits you?

Technology is like hammers and saws for building a house. It’s a parcel of tools. It doesn’t ruminate or go nebulous. It’s for getting a job done. And that's what I like about technology posts.

Need to count the stars for a project in science class? Type into Google “I want to know how to count the stars?” Want to learn how to start a blog?  Type “How do I start a blog?” Google puts the most popular answers to the question at the top of the resultant page. You can go through more pages of lesser ranked results to find an answer perhaps better suited to your needs.

Google is like a taxi.  You tell the driver where you want to go.

I question Google a lot to find instructions on how to improve the internet visibility of Me Speaking. I want to know how to use hash tags or write HTML and how to improve my blog writing. Blogging is at this point almost more about reading than writing.

What motivates me to write? The core of it is writing itself. I write about what interests me and what I’m moved to write about. In the meanwhile I hope what I write also interests readers. I don’t write aiming at any particular niche or concentrate on a single subject matter.

I believe we share a commonality in our species. If I write about an experience or memory or about an idea or subject in the news and write well, I think readers will hear an echo and take an interest.

Besides technology posts, I like to read about personal experiences. A novice Spanish student explained how she conversed in Spanish all evening when she ditched perfectionism. That blog post captured my interest.  Every post at Bitchin' Ol' Boomer Babe is a story based on personal experience. You can’t contend with personal experience. It’s what happened.

If you have an interest in a subject, and you google the subject, many blogs will appear that focus on writing about that subject. Subscribe to a blog you like and you’ll get new posts whenever published. You can read and often comment. Any blogger worth his or her salt will reply.

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