Sunday, April 28, 2024

Is Any or All of This for You?


Been going to the SPAA meetings less, now only on Mondays and Thursdays.

I pushed myself away from attending daily meetings in order to distance myself from listening to litanies of depressing shares I often encounter in the meetings. But the two days of meetings capture my interest and convince me to share more often and more willingly.

Despite the above sentiment, I find a tiny glimmer of light in the pitch-black cavern of despair about addiction to pornography, because that glimmer is what SPAA offers to its members. Hope. As of this publication date, I have 200 days of back-to-back SPAA defined sobriety, a gift of this hope; That definition is no viewing of pornography, no masturbation and no sex outside of a committed relationship. Here is a Doctor's opinion about the SPAA program of recovery.

I offer two major highlights to stress what I find prospers my recovery from my sex and porn addiction.

One is to work the 12 Steps, this post about Steps One through Step Four.

Doing Step One as worked in the SPAA program dissolved any and all surviving notions in myself that I’m NOT a sex and porn addict. The evidences as I wrote out the Step One dissipated any and all  lingering vestiges of doubt.

Step Two dovetailed with Step One in that it convinced me of the myriad forms and instances of my insane behaviors when it came to sexuality. It cautions me today to be aware of these proclivities which threaten where my sobriety lives in relative peace.

With Step Three I decided to turn my will and life over to the care of God as I understand God. When I first took Step Three in the OA program of recovery, God planted a tiny seed in the soil of my soul that has grown deep roots. These roots steady a harmonious relationship with Him even while tumult shakes the outside exteriors.  

When I worked Step Four, and listed the people I had harmed, this prepared the path towards making amends to them. The amends freed me of guilt and in most cases restored health to infected relationships. Step Four also cautions me to be aware so as to avoid inadvertent future harms to those currently in my life.

Step Four sets up a template for work that when followed deepens understanding of my nature. It answers the questions of how that nature has been warped. It reveals patterns of self-concepts and thought processes which limit my personal freedom. Working the steps shines lights of truth about myself in a manner indispensable. For instance, I cannot forgive myself for the errors of my past behaviors unless they are recognized.

On to the next, number two is to be sponsored and be a sponsor.

My SPAA sponsor’s work as the guide through the working of the steps has been indispensable in the ongoing work of my recovery. I need his guidance and he supplies it with an understanding of my defects of character, especially those magnified by my addiction to porn. Not a defect in me has been foreign to him.

Disclosures between us of an intensely personal nature cement a bond between us, not only of friendship but also of comradeship in the common SPAA task of regenerating our souls. Working with my sponsee in SPAA also is integral to my recovery process. His recovery welfare is what most matters to me. I share the experiences I encountered while doing the step work, how I worked the steps and how that work benefits my own recovery journey.

I am finding it true the aphorism that the sponsor gets more out of sponsoring than does the sponsee.


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